Taking online courses should not exclude you from student involvement and leadership opportunities. ELIfe is your resource for getting engaged outside of the virtual classroom while taking classes at NOVA.

Why get involved?

It is extremely important to take advantage of the opportunity to become involved. It plays a very important part in broadening your college experience. When you are involved, you not only know what is happening, but also why and how it happened. The experience that you acquire by being an active student on campus will be invaluable to you later in life, both personally and professionally.

What’s in it for me as a student?

Many students are uncertain at some point in their college years about what occupation to pursue after graduation. One way students can figure out what they really want as a career is to get involved in the various programs and organizations offered by the Office of Student Life.

Getting involved gives you practical experience to put on your resume, not to mention the demonstrated leadership ability.


Student organizations at NOVA serve as a valuable educational function, offering students the opportunity to join together in governmental, cultural, political and/or special interest issues settings and to assume various leadership roles in carrying out the mission of the group. Organizations contribute a range of perspectives to the overall college community, thus enriching the academic environment and campus life for all students.

The Office of Student Life established a recognition process for student organizations that offers structure by providing parameters in which organizations can function; spells out responsibilities for groups, which the College expects them to fulfill; establishes a communication pattern between clubs and organizations and the Office of Student Life to provide support and stability to newly formed groups and their advisors and clearly defines consequences for groups, which choose not to exist in accordance with these guidelines.

In establishment of a recognition process, the Office of Student Life fulfills its charge to create an appropriate environment for support and maturation of student groups. The recognition process adds such an environment while maintaining flexibility. This goal has been a primary guiding principle in the creation of this recognition process.

If you are interested in starting a virtual club or organization through ELI, Contact ELI Student Life at elistulife@nvcc.edu to set up a an online appointment with our Student Life Coordinator and receive your starter packet. We look forward to discussing your interest in further detail!

*Fall e-LEAD Program-  ELI Student Life has created a virtual co-curricular opportunity to develop leadership skills for students! e-LEAD is a 4-week asynchronous program beginning Monday February 6th  delivered via Blackboard. The program will assist in fostering a sense of community among students taking online courses, to develop more self-awareness of leadership strengths and skills, and to help you maximize your talents as they relate to academic and professional goals. Registration Coming soon!  

Financial Avenue Literacy Contest– Twenty $100 NOVA bookstore gift cards towards educational costs at NOVA will be raffled off throughout the 2017‐2018 academic year to randomly selected students ELI who successfully complete Financial Avenue  web‐based financial literacy modules! Official contest rules and registration to participate coming soon!
* Engage in your Community! – Did you miss our Community Involvement Fair? Check out our community volunteer booklet to learn more about the variety of non-profits participating and volunteer opportunities available: Community Volunteer Booklet. Email us at elistulife@nvcc.edu and tell us where and when you are volunteering and we will send you a FREE NOVA Student Life T-shirt to wear!


Get Involved the NOVA Way!


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